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Kinky Diversity Prompts

The [ profile] hp_kinkfest is open for claiming for one week only, until 12 January 2015. Here is a selection of prompts for characters of color:

PROMPT #  55

Kink: D/s

One to three pairings: (Domme listed first) Padma/Pansy, Astoria/Pansy, Pansy/Rose or any femslash pairing

Optional supplementary prompt: semi-public or public sex, crawling, collaring, gags, spanking, nipple play... have fun :)

submitted by: nearlyconscious

PROMPT #  57

Kink: shibari

One to three pairings: Ginny/Luna, Padma/Pansy, any other femslash pairing

Optional supplementary prompt: choking/breath play, whipping

submitted by: nearlyconscious

PROMPT #  71

Kink: Blackmail Sex & Infidelity

One to three pairings: Hermione/Draco, Pansy/Ron, Blaise/Ginny

Optional supplementary prompt: The Slytherin in the relationship (secretly in love with the Gryffindor) made a pact with the Gryffindor before the end of the war -- to turn spy for the Order. In exchange, they wanted a favour to be called upon at some point in the future. Years later & just before the Gryffindor is about to walk down the aisle, the Slytherin wants their chance to seduce the Gryffindor away from their partner.

submitted by: RZZMG

Kink: humiliation

One to three pairings: Harry/Draco, Harry/Draco/Blaise, Harry/Draco/Theodore

Optional supplementary prompt: He remembers how it's started, that moment he recognised he has never been so turned on before. And now he seeks them/him out when he needs another dose. Thank Merlin, it comes naturally to them/him.

submitted by: nia_kantorka

PROMPT #  93

Kink: Blindfolds, candle/wax play

One to three pairings: Hermione/Theo, Hermione/Draco, Hermione/Blaise

Optional supplementary prompt: After a long day at the Ministry, it's her favourite way to relax. Luckily for her, Theo (or Draco or Blaise) is always happy to oblige.

submitted by: ally_147

PROMPT #  108

Kink: Bites/bruises/marks

One to three pairings: Harry/Draco, or Ron/Draco, or Blaise/Draco

Optional supplementary prompt: Draco hates that he bruises easily; his boyfriend, on the other hand...

submitted by: this_bloody_cat

PROMPT #  141

Kink: pony play

One to three pairings: Pansy/Ron, Parvati/Lavender, Susan/Draco (or really any femdom pairing)

Optional supplementary prompt: She loves watching the tail sway as she's giving firm instructions.

submitted by: starduchess

PROMPT # 161

Kink: Power Issues or Power Play

One to three pairings: Harry/Narcissa or Harry/Mrs. Zabini or Harry/Andromeda Tonks

Optional supplementary prompt: It was a mutually beneficial relationship. She got off on power and he exerted it naturally. It was just a matter of her guiding him in the political circles.

submitted by: DobbyDobbs

PROMPT #  172

Kink: spreader bar

One to three pairings: any (Ginny/Pansy, Charlie/Draco, Blaise/Gabrielle...)

Optional supplementary prompt: sensory deprivation (blindfold), strap-on sex, suspension

submitted by: nearlyconscious

PROMPT #  173

Kink: polyamory

One to three pairings: Draco/Harry/Pansy, Draco/Pansy/Blaise, Daphne/Pansy/Lily Luna

Optional supplementary prompt: bondage, aftercare

submitted by:nearlyconscious

PROMPT # 175

Kink: Amazon position

One to three pairings: Harry/Angelina (suggested)

Optional supplementary prompt: Whatever she does, she likes to be in charge of things.

submitted by: Lightofdaye

PROMPT #  178

Kink: Femdom

One to three pairings: Harry/Susan, Harry/Hannah, Harry/Padma (optional)

Optional supplementary prompt: She may be shy in public, but she loves to take charge in the bedroom.

submitted by: MayorHaggar

PROMPT # 205

Kink: Anal Beads

One to three pairings:Harry/Pansy, James Sirius/Roxy, Blaise/Dominique. (suggestions, het preferred)

Optional supplementary prompt: They don't know what's more exciting, the way they slowly get put in bead-by-bead, or the way they have to wait all day for them to be taken out. (I don't mind if it's the guy or girl who's got them in.)

submitted by:lightofdaye

PROMPT #  209

Kink: Strap-On Spit-roast.

One to three pairings:Pansy/Harry/Tracy, Parvati/Seamus/Lavender, James Sirius/Victoire/Dominique

Optional supplementary prompt: I was thinking guy in the middle of two girls with strapons. But you could go with a girl being spit roasted by a guy and a girl w/strapon

submitted by:lightofdaye

PROMPT # 222


One to three pairings: Harry/Parvati, Harry/Susan, Ron/Hermione (suggestions)

Optional supplementary prompt: slow sensual coupling, done by touch.

submitted by: lightofdaye

PROMPT # 224

Kink: Topping from Bottom

One to three pairings: Harry/Parvati, Ron/Pansy, Charlie/Tonks. (suggestions, het preferred)

Optional supplementary prompt:They're really bad at remembering who's supposed to be in charge but they still have a lot of fun. (nominally Fem!Dom with the guy not being very submissive would be cool. As would things like bondage, anal play, pegging, collars, spanking, dirty talk)

submitted by:lightofdaye

PROMPT #  227

Kink: arousal/orgasm control

One to three pairings: hermione/blaise, hermione/draco

Optional supplementary prompt: she is kept in a near constant state of arousal. sexual slavery, non-con, dub-con, training, obedience

submitted by: starlight_x_a_x

PROMPT # 228

Kink: cock worship

One to three pairings: hemione/blaise, hermione/theo, hermione/draco

Optional supplementary prompt: she has been trained to always want it, now she always needs it, finds comfort in the weight of it in her mouth and when it fills her and when it isnt she feels bereft, it is all she is capable of thinking about.

submitted by: starlight_x_a_x

PROMPT #  229

Kink: forced prostitution

One to three pairings: hermione/blaise, hermione/theo, hermione/cormac

Optional supplementary prompt: hermione was groomed into a vulnerable position and forced into their prostitution ring and into engaging in other illegal activities, she's now trapped in this violent seedy underworld. Think wizarding mafia-like gangs, hermione found herself isolated and an easy victim to assimilate into this world. Non-con, dub-con, drug use, violence, crime

submitted by: starlight_x_a_x

PROMPT # 230

Kink: forced drug use

One to three pairings: hermione/blaise, hermione/cormac, hermione/draco

Optional supplementary prompt: hermione is the one forced

submitted by: starlight_x_a_x

PROMPT #  231

Kink: hypnosis

One to three pairings: hermione/blaise, hermione/rabastan, hermione/draco

Optional supplementary prompt: she never realised what he was doing until it was too late

submitted by: starlight_x_a_x

PROMPT # 235

Kink: Blackmail

One to three pairings: Ron/Draco, Pansy/Hermione, Blaise/Draco

Optional supplementary prompt: Character B was caught doing something very naughty by Character A, and now they'd better convince them to keep it quiet.

submitted by: lokifan

... and of course there are plenty of 'any character' prompts, so have a browse and get kinky!

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Thank you for making this awesome list of kinky diversity prompts. ♥