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Despite having been the most popular idea for a Diversity Awareness Month activity, the Prompts of Color comment fest didn't exactly find a resounding echo amongst the community members. Only a couple of people submitted prompts, and only one person completed a fanwork (this spectacular portrait of Padma by [ profile] imera, go check it out!). So I'm just curious in finding out what went wrong and if there might be anything we could learn for future events.

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Feel free to leave any comments you might have below. Thank you!
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Prompts of Color banner
1-31 October 2014 at [ profile] hp_diversity

Welcome to [ profile] hp_diversity’s Prompts of Color Event in honor of Diversity Awareness Month!

It’s really easy and fun to play:

- Leave prompts for any characters of color from the HP universe

- Fill prompts with drabbles, fics, art, or graphics

That’s it! Get inspired, spread the love, and have fun!

The fine print... )

P.S. Our Diversity Awareness recs will begin tomorrow, 2 October 2014.