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Title of work: Special Delivery
Author/Artist/Creator: zephre
Medium: art
Featured character of color: Aurora Sinistra
Pairing, if any: Aurora/Minerva
Rating: G
Summary: Sometimes their WATA (Witches' Air Transport Auxiliary) courier routes overlapped, and they shared the adventure, flying over the English countryside with Top Secret documents in sealed satchels on their broomsticks. When they separated, Aurora always blew Minerva a kiss.
Reccer: [ profile] swissmarg
Why you are reccing this: First off, because this was the first fanwork I ever saw where Aurora was depicted as a person of color; although in the movies she is portrayed by a black actress (unfortunately unnamed, as far as I can find), it never really sank in with me. Anyway, that's what made this picture stick in my head, but beyond that, this is one of those fanworks that completely draw you into another time and place. Just this one simple scene evokes so much more, from the historical situation to the personalities and relationship between the characters.

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Lee older+ Angelina + Blaise

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I wrote a couple ensemble fics for holiday fests, featuring some diverse casts...

Title Snowballing
Author primeideal
Characters/Pairing: nsemble: Angelina, Sinistra, Lee, and company
Rating G
Summary "One morning in mid-December, Hogwarts awoke to find itself covered in several feet of snow."
Author's Notes For lazy_neutrino at HPHolidayGen. Thanks to nnozomi for betaing!

Original post, on Ao3 and FFN but the FFN link doesn't really display the end in full glory).

Title: The Art of Losing
Author primeideal
Characters/Pairing Nextgen ensemble, including Roxanne (and Lee)
Rating: PG
Summary On New Year's Eve, nobody acts their age.
Contains: Cross-gen relationship.
Author's Notes For nextgen-mas, based on a lot of different prompts, but the beginning and end in particular were inspired by one of swissmarg's prompts from the 2011 fest! Thanks again to nnozomi for betaing.

Original post, on Ao3 and FFN.
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Title: The Celestial Code
Author: [ profile] alisanne
Rating: NC-17 overall
Pairings: Severus Snape/Aurora Sinistra, Harry Potter/Remus Lupin (implied)
Word Count: 28, 800 (plus or minus a couple).
Warnings/Content Information (Highlight to View):  *Chan implied - nothing overt*.
Challenge: Written as my submission to the 2012 [ profile] hp_beholder fest.
Summary: Some things are indelibly written in the stars and others are subject to change.
Author's/Artist's Notes: Thank you to [ profile] sevfan who put in some serious beta-reading hours on this, to the slashchat girls, who proved to be the best handholders anyone could want, and to [ profile] bethbethbeth, who showed incredible patience as this story swelled far beyond what I thought I'd be writing. My recipient was the lovely [ profile] snapesgirl, whose response was gratifying.

The Celestial Code (link is to Part 1)
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