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I've never seen anyone mention her before, but she had a memorable role in the Half-Blood Prince movie. The first fic I've seen that includes her is this one, which was written for the 2013 round of [ profile] smutty_claus:

Title: Five Ways To Say I Love You
Author: cryptaknight
Pairing: Ron/Luna, Draco/Hermione, Zach/Susan, George/Lavender, Harry/Simone (Treats waitress)
Summary: The lives and stories of five couples intertwine as they navigate the holiday season and prepare for the Ministry's Christmas gala.
Rating: R
Length: ~18,600

From HP Wikia:

This waitress was a female Muggle employee at Treats Café, a café in Surbiton Station in 1996. She flirted with Harry Potter during the summer of 1996 and almost came close to discovering the wizarding world.

She's never named in the movie, but I've added a tag for her (Waitress at Treats) in case anyone cares to include her in future fanworks.